Card release: Shori

New cards have been released on Eredan iTCG:



Shori. (3 evolutions in all). On its last evolution : Rare. Kotoba. Warrior. Human. Spirit 2. Attack 8/10. Defense 2. Health points 16. Gain Chain if you play an Item. At the end of the fight, if you dealt physical damage to the opposing character, one of the cards attached to him is discarded. Turns 2, 3 and 6: A Two handed Weapon from your Deck or your Hand is played.

The following cards are reeditions of older cards, we took the opportunity to upgrade them:

Blast off!. Rare. Action. Kotoba. Warrior. Attack +2 and Defense +1. An additional Attack +1 and Defense +1 if an Armor or a Weapon is attached to your character. Chain.

Tensai. Uncommon. Jewel. Kotoba. Warrior. Attack +1. Spirit +1 for each different Class the opposing character belongs to. At the start of your fights, an additional Attack +1. Permanent. Chain Action.

These cards are now available in the Newcomers Booster.

Poisoned arrows has been modified as follows:

Duration: 3 turns. This card is attached to your opponent. Attack -2. Elfine: Choose the character this card is attached to, he additionally has +2 to physical damage he suffers.

Enjoy the game!

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