[OhMyLoft] New Theme: “Engine, share it, running!”

Sometimes I ‘d like to live several lives… Out of my daily routine for student experience thrilling adventures. I was about to complain yet again to my friend Justine on the way to college, when at a street corner we see a crowd of people. Intrigued we come to see that we were amazed and had fallen right on to a movie set! It was incredible!

10am on Tuesday , you can register your Doll in OhmyLoft “Engine, share it running! ”
You have until Monday, May 26, 10 hours to register your Doll this theme enjoy it until the end!

For this show represent a scene being filming for a movie. You do not have to represent an existing movie, it can be a kissing scene, a fight scene, science fiction, etc …


To register for the parade you must meet these requirements:
Use MINIMUM 1 store item from the cannes store

(Prerequisites must be visible)

Prerequisites are:

– A camera
-Minimum 2 characters (this includes a cameraman)

– Represent a scene from tv series
– Represent a scene – drawing animated
– Characters without any customization
– Gifts to give friends
– Cupboard items

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