[Fashion Show] New Theme: Mother’s Day!

One hand on the heart, patience gold, a hug is all worries are forgotten… We will celebrate one of the simplest but also the most wonderful woman for holidays, Mother’s Day!

For this show, you will be a mother with her child.

10am on Tuesday, you can register your doll parade “Mother’s Day”. You have until Monday, May 26, 10am to register your doll in this parade. Enjoy it to the end!


For this theme, it is imperative:
– Be a mother accompanied her child
– That the two characters have a visible difference in age: the mother should look more aged
– That the two characters have an identical accessory in common, which is part of the former outfit : the mother and child are both the same hat

Objects prerequisites:
Use MINIMUM 1 store item Summer

Elements allowed:
– A backdrop of clothing to hide parts of the dollz, for among other change its size. It must, however, the characters are standing and have the ability to scroll on a podium
– All eras allowed

Banned for this theme are:
– 2 Or more children. (it should only be a mom with a child)
– Made all the outfits, including the cupboard items (see below *)
– The sets, and items around the feet of the dollz
– The characters all facts put them on scene: the mother should be able to scroll on a podium (even if accompanied by a child )
– Fantasy elements (wings etc …)
– Animals
– Gifts between friends

* ATTENTION: will be considered held any outfit made ​​with a non- accessorized dress.

Good day to all moms on Ohmydollz !

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