Discount and Limited Legendary Pack

This whole weekend and until Monday at 3 P.M. (CET) we offer you 30% off all boosters!

We also modified the capacities of our Legendary Character Adhikara: His allies now keep the Mage and Priest classes even if Adhikara dies during the game. Additionally he has now 14 Health points instead of 13.

Taking the opportunity, the Limited Legendary Pack is now available again during the time of the promotion and of course the discount also applies on this Pack!

It contains: “Adhikara, StoneEater from the desert” + 1 other Legendary card, 11 Rare, 48 Uncommon and 84 Common cards from Acts 4 to 10
+ one 500 XP Experience Destiny card, one 200 XP Experience Destiny card, four 100 XP Experience Destiny cards and a “Foil” card that you can use to change any card you want into a foil card

Enjoy your weekend on Eredan iTCG

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