[Fashion Show] New Theme: Egyptian Divinity!

Hi Girls!

For the next fashion show we want you to look like an egyptian Queen, Pharao or even a Godess. You can decide if the outfit shall be historicaly correct or not.

We’re excited to see your majestic creations from the land of the Nile on our catwalk!

The theme for the next Fashion Show is: Egyptian Divinity!

From Tuesday at 10:00 AM (CET) you can register for the show.

There’s time until Monday March 31th at 10:00 AM to make up your outfit, make the most of it!


You can get more information on the board by clicking on “Details about the Show” on the upper right side of the Fashion Show contest registration page.

You can also ask questions on the topic about the show.


To register this week, you have to:

– Use AT LEAST 2 elements from the Egyptian store http://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/us/egypte-2.png

Design the best outfit on #OhMyDollz!

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