[Fashion Show] New Theme: Chic Outfit, Shock Detail!

Hi you girls!

2014 is closer than ever! To end this year happily, I invite you to my theme party: Chic Outfit, Shock Detail!

Let me explain you what it is all about:

The idea is to come dressed with elegant and classy clothes but to have a quirky item or accessory! For instance: a party dress with a sky stick or huge clown glasses or a fishing cane… It sure is gonna be really fun! Yet, your shock detail must be portable! No furniture nor animals! And you can come with someone else as long as you remain the main figure of the show!

From Tuesday at 10 in the morning (French time) you can register for the show.

You have until Monday January 6th at 10:00 AM to make up your outfit, make the most of it!

For this theme, put on your best clothes and you quirkiest accessory!

– Your doll must be classy and wear only ONE shock details. 2 details or more will lead to a disqualification. (yet you can put several details on top of each other to create one. For instance use several little elements to create a balloon).

You can use:

– Flashy wigs if they are simple (no superimposition) but they are NOT considered as a shock detail.

– ONE character, only if he/she also has a chic outfit.

– Mask if they are quirky compared to the outfit. [/b]

You can get more information on the board by clicking on [b]”Details about the Show”[/b] on the upper right side of the Fashion Show contest registration page.

You can also ask questions on the topic about the show.


To register this week, you have to:

Use AT LEAST 2 elements from the Basics store

You mustn’t use :

– Gifts you received from your friends
– Wings
– Ready-made Outfits (including those from the Chests and the Cupboards)
– Animals
– Huge dresses or those that are out of context (it’s a chic party so no flamenco or princess dresses)

The Fashion Show contest rules are available on the contest enrollment page, on the top right corner.

So who’s gonna have the quirkiest outfit tonight on OhMyDollz?

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