Legendary Pack: Adhikara!

Legendary Pack: Limited Edition

Check the new Legendary Pack at the Eredan iTCG store. Its characteristics:

  • Available until December 2nd 2013 at 2:00PM (French time).
  • Contains 152 cards picked at random among Acts 4 to 10, including Adhikara, StoneEater from the desert, 1 Legendary card, 11 Rare, 48 Uncommon, 84 Common cards, one 500 XP Experience Destiny card, one 200 XP Experience Destiny card, four 100 XP Experience Destiny cards and a “Foil” card that you can use to change any card you want into a foil card.
  • You cannot get two copies of the same card in this pack.
  • Price: 4999 Fee’z.

Enjoy the game!

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