[Fashion Show] New Theme: Young vs Old!

Hi you fashion fans!

To embody an #OhMyDollz doll is the basis to create your virtual life. And when we start playing, we all have the same doll that we can personalize as we want.

Our doll lives lives, levels up and becomes popular! And what is magic with spirituality is that she remains forever young and beautiful!

And what if our doll was a kid or a rebel teen? And what would she look like if she was 60 or more?

To get the answer, take part in this new contest: Young vs Old!!

As it says, this Show is a “versus”, so you have to choose your camp!

– Either you represent an old doll

– Either you represent a young one: from 7 to 14.

Try to imagine the most realistic outfit for the camp you have chosen!

You have until Monday November 25th at 10:00 AM (French time) to register your outfit, so make the most of this whole week!

To take part in the show, your doll must choose her camp for this generation battle!

Caution, each camp has its own pre-requisites!

Check the board to get more details about the show.

Or click on the “Rules” or “Details about the Show” links.

AND! You can make up an old couple or a bunch of young guys as long as EACH one respects the pre-requisites

I remind you that if you can not follow the requirements of the subject, it is better to wait for the next contest instead to be banned for non-compliance with the theme.

Make sure your outfit is consistent and complies with the theme before you register.

Also check that there are no objects attached to your doll that you do not want to show. If the object is not attached to your doll, it will not be visible during

Enjoy the show and beware the generation chock #OhMyDollz !

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