[Item Hunt] Special Halloween!

Hi you Halloween fans!

In a couple of hours your are all gonna put on your scary costumes to go and get sweets!

But not everyone is ready yet: my neighbor has lost her decoration items!

She’s so panicked that I’ve decided to help her find these items. I have to say, she told me that she has a surprise for me if I give her a hand!

This Item Hunt starts now and will last until Sunday November 3rd at 10AM (French time)!

We must find 50 elements among 3 different type of items lost on the website pages.

Here is the Exclusive Demoniac Outfit you will get if you find all the items:


Here is the list of items my neighbor has lost:

Pumpkins: You can’t do without these on Halloween!

Brooms: She must be some kind of cleaning obsessive!

Cauldrons: I’m not that sure they are really decorative but they can be practical to cook a great Halloween feast!

She says her place will be perfectly decorated when she has 50 of those elements (any of them).

These items will appear anywhere on the #OhMyDollz pages.

It’s your job to find them!

Hover your mousse on the “Special Offers” button to see how many items you have collected.

And when you’ll get to 50/50, the Exclusive Demoniac Outfit will be yours!

Have a scary hunt on #OhMyDollz!

PS: If you wanna cook and clean, the broom and cauldron are available in the Halloween store

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