Cards withdrawn from the NewComer Booster

From tomorrow onwards, the card release of August 28th will not be available in the NewComer Booster!

Free diving. Legendary. Action. Unique. Play two(non AoE) cards from your Hand. You will draw 7 cards less during the next drawing phase.

Saved by the bell. Rare. Action. Choose one of your allies, he and the opposing characters out of combat have -8 to damages suffered. Chain.

Paladin’s amulet. Uncommon. Jewel. Mercenaries. Permanent. -1 to damages suffered. You earn the Priest class. If you already were a Priest, you earn Chain if you play a faith Theurgy. As this card activates you can play a Theurgy from your hand.

Great Duke, Dhun protector. (3 evolutions in all). On its last evolution : Uncommon. Mercenaries. Warrior, Priest. Human.   Avalonien.  Spirit 2. Attack 7/8. Defense 3. Health points 14. Gain Chain if you play a One handed Weapon or a Jewel. At the end of each turn, gain 1 Level if a Theurgy is activated. Turns 2, 3, 4 and 6: at the end of the fight, an Avalonian who has the lowest number of Health points gains 4.

Triumph. Uncommon. Action. Avalonien. Attack + X where X equals the Level of your character -1. Your character gains 1 Level until the end of the game. At the end of the fight, this card is placed in your Deck. Chain Item.

Level up. Common. Action. The “Level up” cards and 2 other cards from your Discard pile are placed in your Deck. Avalonian: You earn one Level until the end of the game and heal X Health points where X equals your Level -2 (maximum 6). Chain.

Fatal Hesitation. Common. Action. Your opponent can discard up to 3 cards. If he doesn’t discard 3, choose up to 2 cards attached to characters, they are discarded.

Key of the fort. Common. Other. Draw cards until you have 6 in your Hand. Chain.

Enjoy the game!

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