Ghooooooost invasion!

It’s are real catastrophe!

My name is Venk-maan, the ghost hunter from Dhun and I… well… I’ve made an enormous mistake. One of the ghost retention crystals that I’d captured has just exploded… a magic high voltage. All the ghosts that were locked in it have fled! This is awful, can you imagine all these flying terrors wandering around while people are paying homage to the death?

Last times, witches had invaded Eredan ITCG for the Halloween event, this time it is ghosts.

Catch all the ghosts!

The inhabitants must face a new catastrophe, ghosts have invaded the land of Guem. They are gonna disturb you while you are playing, just click on them to catch them!

There are 4 types of ghosts, each one has a different color: white, yellow, purple and red. They can appear anywhere (in the player versus player or the adventure mode).

The Venk-maan cards

To thank you, Venk-maan offers you to obtain several cards including exclusive skins made specially for this event:

– Via card boosters

– Via bids

– by direct purchase: exclusive skins that are on sale for 50 to 300 red masks.

You need masks?

In each 399 or 400 fee’z boosters, you get 400 white masks, 300 yellow masks, 150 purple masks, and 100 red masks.

This event will last until Thursday October 31st at 2:00 PM (French time).

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