Card release: Ritual!

To celebrate the arrival of our new Courtier, this week, we offer you to acquire a pre-built Deck that will make you experience a new game play style and get some of this week’s cards. You have until Sunday, September 29th, 8:00 PM to discover the Immortality deck for 999 Fee’z.

This Deck is made of: Master-Linker LaelyseKarregLady IzandraStone-heart pouches X2 – Water cycle X1 – Krakens’s Hug X2 – Erosion X2 – Heart Hit! X3 – Geyser X2 – Landslide X3 – Sleeping Waters X2 – Stone wall X3 – Earth Stone-heart X3.

Menacing sky . Rare. Lightning. Mage. Spirit +2. An “Electroshock ” is created and played. An “Attracts Lightning ” is created and played if your Deck doesn’t contain any. A “Menacing sky” from your Deck is discarded.

Karreg. (3 evolutions in all). On its last evolution : Rare. Sap Heart, Stone linkers. Mage. Water Guemelite , Earth Guemelite , Nature Guemelite . Courtisan. Spirit 2. Attack 5/7. Defense 3. Health points 14. Your allies have Defense +2 and +1 to physical and magic damage suffered. At the start of the fight, draw an “Arachnophobia” or a “Heart Hit!” from your Deck. Turns 2, 4 and more: your characters have Spirit +2

Thousands of birds . Uncommon. Fire. Mage. Duration 3 fights. The “Burn in Hell” cards deal their damage twice. Noz: a “Burn in Hell” is created and played. Stone linker: a “Fire Stone-heart” is created and played.

Fascinating skylight . Uncommon. Corruption. Nehantists. Mage. Defense +X until the end of the turn where X equals your Spirit +2. This card is attached to your opponent. Permanent. At the end of the fight, the holder has Attack -2 unless he is a Demon, then a 1 in 3 chance of becoming Demon instead of his other Races.

Sensory alteration. Common. Nature. Sap Heart. Mage. Duration 4 turns. An “Arachnophobia” is created and played. Attack +1 the 4 next times a Nature Spell is played.

Violent breeze. Common. Air. Mage. Choose 3 characters. Each one has Defense and Spirit +2 if he is Mage, otherwise he has Attack and Spirit -2 and he is tapped. Noz: Duration 3 turns.

Supernatural viewfinder . Common. Action. Sap Heart. Warrior. Duration 2 fights. +X to physical damage you deal where X equals half the opponent’s Defense at the moment when this card is activated (rounded up). Elfine: Chain.

Enjoy the game!

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