[Stores] New Content at the Crystae Shop!

Hi you shopping addicts!

As you might know, on the #OhMyDollz, forum, players can share their artistic creations on the topic: Created by You!

For that, of course, you need to have a real drawing talent and designers abilities!

If the Dollz community is fan of your creations, Sarah may contact you and offer you to have your own store on #OhMyDollz!

Today it’s Crystae‘s turn to launch her store!

You can now discover or rediscover her creations in the Crystae Shop shop:


Crystae has been playing OMD since 2008, and has soon after that started to post her creations on the forum.

She is now famous for them and everyone on the French OMD version knows about her fascination Steampunk !

Ready to fly to the Crystae planet?

More than 6 complete outfits
and accessories but also their variants away you at the store: Crystae Shop crystae_shop!

And don’t forget the content of the other players: Tia, Coldy, Byzantine, Manzana, Valiae and Okuan at the Stylist Center and and stores!

Enjoy the game on #OhMyDollz!

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