[Store] New Capsule Collection at the VIP store

Hi shopping addicts!

Another VIP month has just ended, and a new capsule collection has just arrived!

Make the most of it. This month, 3 furniture sets await you at the VIP store!


These furniture sets are made for your doll’s 3 most important rooms.

The Kitchen


The Lounge


The Bathroom


To access what’s on sale in that particular,VIP store
just one solution:

Click here and become a VIP member!

What about the capsule collections?

The capsule collection of the VIP store is made of items and clothes on sale for a certain period of time.

You can recognize the temporary items thanks to the icon

To make the most of the capsule collection, you just need to be a VIP during the lapse of time indicated in the VIP store.

Enjoy your shopping spree on #OhMyDollz !

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