[Fashion Show] New Theme: Teachers vs Pupils

Hi young stylists!

Take part in the new Fashion Show: Teachers vs Pupils!

As time goes by, holidays come to an end… How awful…
I had a horrible nightmare: I missed the first day of school!

It’s only when I sat up on my bed that I realized I was a bit too old to miss school!

Fair enough, yet I can do many things for OhMyDollz players.

So as the new school year is starting very soon, I offer you to become a teacher or a pupil:


– a teacher by using cloth and accessories that show what subject you teach!


– a pupil by dressing as if you where in a schoolyard with your inevitable school bag!

To take part in the show, your doll must absolutely wear an outfit that shows which one you have chosen: teacher or pupil.

You have a hole week to make up your outfit, make the most of it!

You have until Monday, September 2nd at 10 AM to register and show us what pupil or teacher you dream of being! Use all the time you have to create a wonderful outfit!

Have a nice week on OhMyDollz!!

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