[Quest] New quest: OhMyDollz is 6 years old!

Hello Dollz!

Here we are: OhMyDollz is now 6 years old!

During this party period we mix reality and fantasy to realize this quest!

After having won a contest, your Doll wins an exceptional visit of the Villa Feerik!

She will meet the members of the OhMyDollz team (and maybe bring them in her Loft!).

Go and meet Sarah and spend a unique day through the 8 steps of the quest!

Finish this quest before Wednesday 28th august at noon (Paris time) and get your fill of Feerik gifts!

Here are some of the most beautiful gifts of this quest:

EXCLUSIVE: the Sarah’s home room, in the “party” thumb, with 2 new themes!

(if you already have a part of the Sarah’s home room, you will earn the complete room and if you already have the complete room, you will earn its extension)

– Earn models and even some OhMyDollz team models!

UNIQUE: a modular dress to become a real princess!

Outfits worthy of Luxury store and other marvellous things (display shelvings, models, position change…)!

– The gifts are prepared by ALL the members of the team. Yes, ALL!

Do you want more?

Once you have finished the quest, you will have access to 3 ULTIMATE GIFTS!

Sarah’s birthday: Participate in the room decoration contest for your Sarah’s home room! Find all the details of the contest “Sarah’s birthday” on the board, with real gifts to win for 10 contestants!

– You can replay some quests among 6 old quests chosen by Sarah if you finish the anniversary quest! You can replay as much as want want, as soon as you have finished the quest and until 3th september at 11:59 PM (paris time)

Luxury DISCOUNTS: make the most of 30% discount in the Luxury Store during one entire week!

As you progress through the story, the passage of the steps requires more and more prerequisite, but in return, the gifts are more beautiful!!

Answer correctly to all the questions and collect the gifts created by all the members of the OhMyDollz team (illustrators or not!)

Find all the color declinations of pre-requisite items in the Sarah shop

This shop will be available until Sunday 1rst september at 23:59 (Paris time), take this opportunity to get the items of the color you prefer!! !

The adventure already started on #OhMyDollz !

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