iTCG: Patch Note for 30th July

Clans update

– Clans can now have a level higher than 20 (there isn’t any restriction). The clans that were concerned by this restriction will directly have the level corresponding to the experience points collected until now.

Other updates

– Shields are now considered as a special type of items. You can have a Shield, in addition to an Armor, attached to your character (but a character cannot have more than one Shield attached to him/her).

From tomorrow onward it will be possible to cancel the Foil effect from a card if you want. Just go on the evolution window and use the Defoil card (unlimited number of this card for all players).

– The bug preventing the card “Photosynthesis” to play Light Spell has been fixed.

– The bug that was allowing to put two versions of Helen in the same Deck has been fixed.

– Card Determination attaches now correctly to another character when its holder die.

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