iTCG: Card release: Bestiality

To celebrate the arrival of our new Minotaur, we propose you this week a pre-builded Deck that will allow you to try a new playing style, obtaining some cards of the week. Come to discover until Sunday 14th July at 8 PM (French time) the deck “Tantad’s Phalange” for only 999 Fee’z.

This Deck includes : PyromaqueRunic Lord XenophonIxorRunic ouch! X1 – Wild Dance X2 – Rallying the Troops X2 – Secret rituals X1 – Dirty Tricks! X2 – Xorik X3 – Command X2 – Loquitus’ Horn X3 – War cuirass X2 – Tantad’s booty X2 – Scission seal X2 – Vespers X2


The Howls. Rare. Action. Zil Warriors. La Meute. This card becomes a Volk Pet (One pet per character). Permanent. You perform an additional Attack that equals the number of Volk pets in your possession +1 for each of your living Beasts. Chain.

Bestial Power. Rare. Action. Sap Heart. Zil Warriors. Warrior. Duration 3 turns. Your Beasts have Attack +2 and your characters get the Beast Race. Attack +2 per dead ally and Defense +1 per alive Ally. The Pack or Hom’Chai: Chain Item.

Runic Lord Xenophon. (3 evolutions in all). On its last evolution : Rare. Runic Legion. Warrior. War Guemelite . Archonte. Spirit 1. Attack 7/9. Defense 2. Health points 17. Gain Chain if you play an Armor. If you only have one living Archon, your Runic Warriors have Attack +1. At the start of the fight, Attack +1 for every Cor Rune attached to your character. Turns 3 and 6: Attack +1.

Wild Dance. Rare. Action. Warrior. Any of your Beast gains 1 to X Health points, where X equals his min. Attack. Beast: Attack +2. Chain.

Rallying the Troops. Uncommon. Action. Runic Legion. Warrior. Duration 3 fights. Defense +2 Cor Rune : your allies have Attack +2 and Defense +2. Nox Rune : Attack +1 for each Beast and you get the Beast Race.

Pyromaque. (2 evolutions in all). On its last evolution : Uncommon. Runic Legion. Warrior, Craftsman. Beast, War Guemelite . Spirit 1. Attack 7/10. Defense 2. Health points 17. Gain Chain and a Cor Rune if play “Rallying the Troops”. After you have played your cards, choose a card from your Discard Pile, and it will be placed in your Hand. Turns 2, 4 and 6: choose a character, he gains Beast until the end of the game.

Inner Beast. Uncommon. Action. Zil Warriors. La Meute. Duration 4 turns. Defense +1, you gain Beast and change your appearance. Your Beasts have Attack +1 per Beast and Folk Pet.

Yaz’s Axe. Common. Axe. Warrior. Hom’Chai. Duration 3 fights. Attack +3. When the holder losts this card, an opposing character with 1 or more Health points suffers 4 direct damage points. Beast: Defense +1 and Duration -1 fight.

Loquitus’ Horn. Common. Other. Runic Legion. Warrior. Craftsman. Permanent. Attack +2, Defense +1 and Spirit +1. Your Beasts and your War Guemelites gain a Yr Rune. Chain.

Enjoy the game!

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