[Quest] New adventure : Caribbean Cruise !

Hi there girls !

Holidays are already here, and our doll take the opportunity for a great trip

: a Carribean Cruise!


No guys, no work, no bills, no reunions, no worries, just laughs, excursions, sun and cocktails!

With Alexandra and Sophie, you can imagine all the adventures that they will live during this quest step after step!

Let’s go girls !!


Finish this quest before Wednesday 17th July at Noon and get a lot of gifts!

Here some of the beautiful gifts to be won :

-The job Pirate to receive a salary of 7 $$$ !

– The Boat room (or its extension if you have already this room) to be found in “Trip” section !

– The new theme Pirate Boat for Boat room !

– The mannequins for Sophie and Alezandra dresses like our doll and a new DollzMen Antille !


Thanks to this 8 steps-adventure, sail around the Caribbean islands “Antille” and discover all their hidden treasures !

As you progress through the story, the passage of the steps requires more prerequisite, but in return, the gifts are more beautiful!!


Answer correctly to all enigmas in the story and meet many characters !

Find all the colors declination of pre-requisite items in the shop Caribbean :

This shop will be available until Sunday 21st JuLy at 23:59, take this opportunity to get the items of the color you prefer!!

Let’s go on sail on #OhMyDollz !

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