[OhMyLoft] New theme : Day and Night !

Hi there designers !

Take part in the new OhMyLoft contest : “Day and Night !”

Personally, I don’t like too much go around and walking during the night…I prefer to be in bright places.

I’m not a coward, but don’t you think that places appear completely change between daytime and night?

I proprose you to set up any king of place: outside or inside at any time, realistic or fantastic.

For this theme, you must IMPERATIVELY split your loft in 2 parts: 1 section will be a day scene and the other must be a night scene


The two constraints of this theme are :

– You scene MUST be formed by 2 part.

– The scenes MUST happen in the same place.

You don’t have to use necessarily the same items for day and night scene, but the scenes must happen in the same place, the important is to see the evolution between the 2 scenes.

Let fly your immagination !

OhMyLoft competition rules are available from the registration page in the contest by clicking on “Rules” at the top right corner.

You have until Monday 1st July at 10 AM to create a beautiful day/night scene, use all the time you have!!

Enjoy the contest and show us how your day scene turns on night scene!

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