iTCG: Music Celebration 2013

Do you hear this music? Listen! Yes, it is coming from the Leaking cask inn, good place of meeting for musicians of all kinds!
We don’t need to say that it is very hot inside, everyone wiggles and dance with the music of Rock’n Grolles that are giving a concert in honor of the Music Celebrations.

Learn the music

It’s just a scale history…

You feel you have the soul of a lute player or contrebassine? This is the opportunity for you to start.
Notes collection: during your games player against player, Musical Notes will appear on your game screen under certain conditions that you must discover. Pick up speeds the Notes to collect them!

Once you collected 10 Notes of the same type, you will earn the Trophy “X Note Master” and the item card “X Quarter Note”.

You can buy a Trophy “X Note Master” directly for 99 Fee’z. Moreover, you can buy a booster of 399 or 400 Fee’z and you will obtain the card Blank Music Score that can evolve into the Quarter Note you want.

Once you get the 7 Note Trophies, you will unlock the Trophy “The Musician” and you will get the Item Card Git-fiddle.

Git-fiddle. Common. Other Item. Duration 3 turns. The opposing characters have Spirit -1 and Attack -1. Every time that a Musical Note Card is activated, an opposing character suffers 1 direct damage point. Unknown Class Courtier: duration 2 extra turns.

Backcoming to the Leaking cask inn

A good trader always take advantage of the festivities to line their pockets. The Leaking cask inn re-opens its doors, come and rinse the throat … and play music!

We re-edit the campaign of Leaking cask Inn during the duration of the event. You can finish the trophy immediatly and obtain Tristam character for only 199 Fee’z.

Tristam. (and his evolution). Rare. Character. Unknown. Kotoba/Runic Legion. Courtier. Humain. Spirit 2. Attack 0/1. Defense 3. Health points 14. Gain Chain if you play a Courtier card. Your other Courtiers have -1 to damage points suffered. Turns 3 and more: the opposing characters suffer 1 direct damage point.

Thirsty one’s helmet. Rare. Other Item. Human: each time a Potion activates, Attack +0 to Attack +2 until the end of the game. Warrior: Permanent. Pirates: Chain Potion.


Farookh is looking for new musicians to build up a group. Show him what you are able to do!

One new mission is arriving to the Leaking Cask Inn. You have to prove your musical ability to Farookh playing specific sequences of Quarter Notes.

During this mission, you have the opportunity to get all the 7 consecutive trophies that will give you a Half Note card each. Every one of these trophies can be buyed directly for 199 Fee’z each. Once you finished the 7 trophies you will earn the card “The Master Musician” and the character card Farookh.

Moreover, winning fights against Farookh gives you the chance to get the item card Blank Music Score.

Farookh : Collector. Character. Unknown. Zil Warriors/Sap Hearts/Noz’Dingard Envoys. Courtier. Humain. Spirit 2. Attack 0/1. Defense 3. Health points 14. Farookh’s Attack cannot be modified. The opposing characters have +1 to the direct damage points suffered. Turns 3 and more: a Musical Note from your Deck is played following the card already played.

Blank Music Score : Scroll Item. Common. Spirit +2 and Defense +2.For every Musical Note played after this card, a different Musical Note from your Deck is played following the cards already played. Chain.

The lost harp

Psam is still drunk, and once again he lost his Harp. Help him to find it.

During the duration of the event, you can obtain the Psalm Harp by completing 3 trophies. You can also get it immediatly the 3 trophie by paying the amount of 199 Fee’z.

Enchanted harp : Other Item. Collector. The opposing character has Attack -2. Courtier: he suffers 2 direct damage points and at the end of the fight, this card is placed in your Deck. Chain.

The Music Celebration starts now and it will last until Wednesday 26th June at Noon (Paris Time). Enjoy the game!!

Eredan iTCG, The Trading Card Game.

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