iTCG: Patch Note 11th June 2013

– The bug that prevented a PVE game to start after visiting the tournament information page has been fixed.

– The bug that was preventing the Trophy Infinity to gain points with characters that counted as 3, has been fixed.

– The following card are retired from the Base set and go back to the Act 5 – Sol’Ra War :

  • Electrochoc
  • Secret Weapon
  • Light blow

The following card are placed in the Base set :

  • Hand of the Empire
  • Head Start end Stirring Up Hatred
  • Perversion (and its collector version)
  • To Track down
  • Transmission of knowledge
  • Arachnophobia
  • Regeneration
  • Pirate party
  • The dance of the blade

Eredan iTCG, The Trading Card Game.

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