[Steres] New Magic chest!

Hi there shopping addicted!

Discover from today a New Magic chest : Elite Dollz !

You can find 4 fornitures sets inspired in the Elite Dollz universe:

The Chinatown area with all its zen ispiration :


For a seafront athmosphere go to the Hamptons :


Central Park for a walk in the nature and breath freah air :


For luxury and VIP parties the athmosphere of the 5th Avenue :


How does it works?

First of all, click on the STORES label and then on Magic Chests :

For 50 $$$you can open the chest and get 5 items randomly choosen amongst 28 items that form the 4 furniture sets with the Elite Dollz’s colours.

After Zen, Glamour and the Design sets, it’s now time for the Elite to show up in the magic chests!

Remember: you get one gift per each fully completed chest!

And here the wonderful content of the Elite Dollz Chest !


Enjoy shopping on OhMyDollz !

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