iTCG: Master-Linker Laelyse

Master-Linker Laelyse. (2 evolutions in all). On its last evolution : Rare. Stone linkers. Mage. Water Guemelite , Earth Guemelite , Ice Elf. Champion. Spirit 2. Attack 4/8. Defense 3. Health points 14. Every time that one of your Guemelites activates a Spell of his same tipe, he gains 1 to 2 Health points. Turns 1, 3 and 5: your opponent has Attack -3 and you suffer 1 direct damage point.

Waves Judgment. Rare. Water. Stone linkers. Mage. Duration 3 turns. All the magic damages dealt are reduced by 2. Water Guemelite: at the end of the third turn, all your characters gain 1 Health point per Water Guemelite (dead or alive).

Krakens’s Hug. Uncommon. Water. Stone linkers. Mage. Choose a character and attach this card to him; the damages that he suffers and deals are reduced by 2. Duration 4 turns. Water Guemelite: at the end of the 4th turn, 2 opposing Items and 2 opposing Actions are discarded.

Business Argument. Uncommon. Action. Choose one of the card in game or from your Heand, it is discarded. Your opponent has -2 to damages dealt. Chain if you have a Stone Linker ally.

Unstable Stone-heart. Common. Stone-heart. Stone linkers. Duration 4 turns. At the start of your next fight, choose a character and attach this card to him. At the end of the fight, the holder gains 2 to 5 Health points. When this card is removed from the game, the holder suffers 5 to 9 magic damage points and is tapped.

Elementary Storage Belt. Common. Other. Duration 3 to 4 turns. Every time that a Fire Spell or a Water Spell is activated, Attack +1 or heals 1 Health point. Every time that an air Spell or Earth Spell is activated, Defense +1 or Spirit +1.

Sleeping Waters. Common. Water. Stone linkers. Mage. Duration 2 turns. A copy of a Stone-Heart in your Hand is created and played. Water Guemelite: Chain. At the end of the second turn, 3 cards from your discard pile are placed in your Deck.

Enjoy the game!

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