iTCG: Cards withdrawn from the Newcomers Booster

From tomorrow onwards, the card release of 20th March 2013 will not be available in the NewComer Booster!

Keizan’s staff
. Rare. Staff. Sap Heart. Duration 4 turns. The opposing characters have Defense -2. Dais: Permanent. Chain.

Force of nature. Rare. Action. Sap Heart. Warrior. The characters in battle have Attack -2. If your Attack is inferior to your printed Attack, Attack +2/+6. Chain Sap Heart Item.

Thorny body. Uncommon. Action. Sap Heart. Attack +2 to Attack +3 if your opponent has an Attack bonus. An additional Attack +2 if you haven’t played any card after this one. Chain.

Koria. (3 evolutions in all): Uncommon. Sap Heart. Mage. Nature Guemelite. World-Tree. Spirit 2. Attack 3/6. Defense 3. Health points 15. Each time a Nature Spell played by “Koria” is activated, one of your wounded World-Trees heals 1 Health point. Turns 1 and 7: your opponent cannot play nor activate Items.

Leather shoulder pad. Common. Armor. Sap Heart. Permanent. Defense +2. Mage: at the end of the fight, if you have less than 7 Health points, an additional Defense +1. Chain Weapon or Nature Spell.

Totem of the spirits. Common. Jewel. Sap Heart. Duration 2 fights. Attack +1 per character whose Spirit is superior to 3. At the end of the fight, Spirit +1 and Defense +1 per character whose Spirit is superior to 3. World-Tree: Chain..

Wolfish. Common. Action. Sap Heart. Attaches to your opponent. Duration 3 turns. Attack -2. At the start of the turn, Attack -1 and Spirit -1.

Enjoy the game !

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