[Fashion Show] New Theme: Geometric Style!

Hi there young stylists!!

From tomorrow at 10 AM, take part in the new Fashion Show !

For this new theme, let express your imagination using geometric shapes! !

The new theme of the Show is : Geometric Style !


For this contest, as always, the rule is simple :

You have to create an outfit using geometric shapes !

For that, you have multiple choices : Triangles, polygones, circles, stripes, etc. You can play with shapes and colours: show us your real talent creating a real artwork!

The theme can seems hard, but you have one full week: let fly your immagination !

REMEMBER : Maximum 8 elements, and all must be visibles VISIBLES !

You can find the link to the Rules and Details of this theme on the inscription page of the Fashion Show.

Enjoy the Show girls !

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