Join the Elite with Feerik’s new game!

logo Hi girls!

Today is a big day!

After several months of hard work, we are ready!

What for? Ready to launch Elite Dollz! I know many of you were longing for this release. And here it is!

We are proud to announce you the official launching of Elite Dollz!

Elite Dollz is a fashion, reputation, and hidden object game, in other words, a real girls’ game!


The game is separated in several thematic areas in which you progress.

You will go through different hidden object scenes, live thrilling and personalized adventures and interact with other characters thanks to an exciting scenario! Intrigues, secrets, love stories coming! loft_cindy

To become the It-Girl, your doll must become the most popular and the most trendy girl in town and complete plenty missions!

To sign in for the game and start your new Doll life in Manhattan, come around here:

To access the on-line game: click here

To access the game on Facebook: click here

To like the game’s official page: click here

Ready to become part of the Elite?

Enjoy the game on Elite Dollz!

XoXo. H

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