[Quest] New Submarine Adventure!

Hi dollz! Here is a new quest that takes place in the ocean world: Submarine Quest! marine_etape_1 This time, as she is on holiday, your doll decides to take diving lessons on the OhMyDollz City coast.

She has something in mind: to make her dearest dream come true.

She wants to swim with dolphins!

Very soon, she hears the call of ocean. What can there be in the depths of the abysses? marine_etape_2 One thing’s for sure, your doll is going to live an exceptional adventure!

As you go along this adventure you get 2 exclusive rewards :

– The “Submarine room” so you can discover the depths of the abysses!

– The“Submarine Explorer” job thanks to which you earn 7 $$$ a day!

You have until Wednesday March 27th at noon (French time) to complete this adventure! marine_etape_3

For the first time, a quest gives you the opportunity to unlock an exclusive room at the first stage: “The Submarine Room” !

In this very special room, you browse vertically! You will find the “Submarine room” in the “Travel” theme!

marine_etape_4 As you advance throughout the adventure, you need more and more prerequisites to pass the levels but the gifts get better and better and the “Submarine room” gets deeper and deeper!

You will have to answer enigmas linked to the story to win bonus gifts! marine_etape_5 Discover the exclusive items at the store:

This store will stay open until Sunday March31st at 11:59PM (French time), make the most of it!

You can get all the items you need for the quest!

Make place for the Submarine adventure on OhMyDollz !
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