[Gift]OhMyDollz celebrates Women’s Day!

Hi girls!

If you go to your loft today or before Saturday March 9th at 2:00 PM (French time), you will find an exclusive outfit in your loft room to celebrate Women’s Day!


Because knowing history is never useless and because all of us are concerned:

International Women’s Day (or International Working Women’s Day) is celebrated on March 8th and started at the beginning of the 20th century in Europe and the United States.

Indeed, in those days, women reclaimed and struggled to have the same rights as men, better working conditions, and the right to vote.

The International Women’s Day was made official by the United Nations in 1977, and each and every country is invited to celebrate women rights.

Women’s Day is one of the 87 international days initiated and officially recognized by the United Nations. It is a worldwide celebration: the occasion to make women’s living conditions improve and celebrate victories and progresses.

Because we are all proud of being women!

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