[Quest] Encounter with Mister Walker

Hi Dollz!

A new quest about your encounter with Mister Walker is launched!

I know what you are gonna say: that our doll always falls in love in the click of an eye. Maybe…


But for the first time, this quest is entirely about a love story starting between 2 characters. It starts with a favor you do to a friend and continue with your doll’s most beautiful love story!


You have until Wednesday March 13th at noon (French time) to complete this quest!

And as no true love story goes without a wedding, if you end the quest, you win the Wedding room!


You’ll find the Wedding room in the Royal theme and if you already posses this room, you win an exclusive extension to this room.

The more you progress, the more prerequisite are required, on the other hand, the gifts get more and more awesome!

You will have to answer enigma-questions linked to the story to win bonus gifts!

Your heart is gonna go boom on OhMyDollz!


Caution! Change concerning the “Dollz Story” store: !

The “Dollz story” store will definitively close down on Monday April 1st 2013 at 2:00 PM (French time)!

You can now buy the quest prerequisites in a temporary store.

This dedicated store will stay open during the quest and on the weekend following the quest.

For instance, for this quest: Encounter with Mister Walker, you can get the prerequisites required for the quest (and the variants of the items) from the “Walker Shop” :

The “Walker shop” store will close down on Sunday March 17th at 11:59PM (French time)!

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