iTCG: PatchNote

– The characters’ alternative versions (Valentyne, Olympiad, etc.) are now playable in the same Formats as their original version.

Zehanie‘s order (level 1) works now correctly.

– Players who have obtained Foil Valentyne character’s versions during the Valentine’s day event have now the right version of these characters.

– A bug that allowed Mempo of the Crow to discard cards that weren’t attached has been fixed.

– Purchases of clan’s upgrades now work correctly.

– The text of Jet-black feather has been modified to make it more comprehensible: “if you don’t have the initiative, the opposing characters cannot chain cards anymore”.

– The button that allows you to change your Deck during a tournament is now available.

– The bug that allowed to validate several times the “10 victories” trophy during one tournament has been fixed.

– A check box has been added in the Collection: you can now search in the cards descriptions in addition to the cards titles.

– Avatar display bugs have been fixed.

– Meline, from the “Sand of the arena” campaign, has been modified. She now counts tje level of the players divided by 4 instead of 3.

Enjoy the game!

Eredan iTCG, The Trading Card Game.

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