iTCG: Zehanie

Desert Nomads gather together will a new Kehper integrates the caste of the Immortals. Zehanie who is armed with these Thebirak blades has is ready to defend her god’s place in the new desert pantheon, whatever the price!

Zehanie. (3 evolutions in all). On her last evolution. Rare. Character. Desert Nomad. Immortal. Warrior. Human. Spirit 1. Attack 7/8. Defense 0. Health points 18. évolutions au total). Gain Chain if you play a One handed Sword. Each time one of your characters is wounded, you heal 2 Health points, +2 if you have less than 1 (twice per turn maximum). Turns 3, 6 and 8: Attack +2 and Spirit +1.

Ptol’a’s mask. Rare. Jewel Item. Desert Nomad, Priest. Permanent. As this card activates and at the start of the fight, your opponent’s maximum Health point limit and his Health points are reduced by 1 until the end of the game and yours are increased by 1 until the end of the game.

In the hands of the gods. Uncommon. Action. Desert Nomads. Duration 2 turns. Choose 2 opposing characters, they have Defense -2. Immortal: they lose their casts. Chain. Eclipse: an additional Defense -1. Chain.

Naptys’ mask. Uncommon. Jewel Item. Desert Nomads, Immortal. Duration 3 turns. Each time you are wounded, an opposing card attached to a character is discarded.Chain.

Autohealing. Common. Action. Desert Nomads. Permanent.As this card activates and each time an Immortal is wounded, you heal 1 to 2 Health points, then, if you have all your Health points, this card is discarded.

Curse of the king-priest . Common. Action. Desert Nomads. The next Spell played by your opponent is placed in his Hand.Chain if you are a Priest or if your opponent is a Mage.

Blade from Thebirak. Common. One Hand Sword Weapon Item. Desert Nomad, Warrior. Permanent. Dual Wield. Attack +1 and Defense +1.At the end of the fight, Attack +1 and one of you Immortals heals 2 Health points.

Enjoy the game!

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