[Bank] Bank Week on OhMyDollz!

Hi girllz!

This week, our bankers will receive bonus gifts!


Each time you buy fee’z, you get an exclusive gift! They change every day!

Whatever amount of fee’z you buy, you receive a gift.

How many gifts are there?

There are 7 days in one week, therefore there are 7 exclusive gifts in the bank.

7 daily gifts!

How can I get all the gifts?

To receive the 7 different gifts, you must buy fee’z once a day during one week.

What happens if I buy fee’z several time on the same day?

As there is one exclusive gift a day, if you buy fee’z several times on the same day, you will get the same gift twice or three times or more.


You win a bonus gift if you collect the 7 daily gifts!

Have a nice bank week!

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