Exclusive Vintage Pony: Zephyr

Every week, a vintage pony is back with us. On that occasion a former set is relaunched and we add an element to it. What’s more, during that week, there is a -15% special offer on the set plus [b]each time you send an element of the set (or the whole set) as a gift to another player you win that element for yourself.

Talking about aquatic and fairy-like creatures, everyone knows nymphs and naiads who live in vast water plains. But these shy creatures don’t only live there.

While rain falls on the world, fairy Zephyr accompanies her water, dancing between the drops, jumping in puddles. The flickering movements of this little water creature turns the worst shower into the nicest summer drizzle.

Come and play in the rain with fairy Zephyr!

PoneyVallee, the magic pony game.

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