iTCG: Card modifications

Card modifications

For the sake of balance, some cards are going to be modified next Wednesday. Those who possess these cards will get a chance to sell these cards for a certain amount of crystals.

Here are the modifications:


As we told you in the news on November 16th 2012, we have created a new version of Level-3 Ourenos. All the copies of Ourenos you will get from boosters from next Wednesday onwards will upgrade to this new version.

The exiting copies of ourenos will not change but an EX indicator will be added to their title to show that the card is an “Exiled” one. THey will not be playable in tournaments but they can evolve to the new level-3 version if you want.

Here are the characteristics of the new level-3 Ourenos:

Spirit: 2
Attack: 7/8
Defense: 3
Life: 14

Gain Chain if you play a two Handed Weapon or an Armor.

At the start of the fight, “Ourebis” gains the Elfine and the Hom’Chai races until the end of the fight.

If one of your Sap Heart dies “Ourebis” deals a physical attack on an opposing character.

Turns 2, 5 and 6: can play Sap Heart cards without restrictions.

Other card modifications

The following cards are going to be modified next Wednesday too.

Compendium secret. The new text: (AoE) A Spell from your Hand is played. At the end of the fight, this card is withdrawn from the game.

Compendium: you can play Spells without restrictions. Choose a non-AoE Spell in a Discard pile, it is played.

Lost scroll from Kan-del. The next text: You lose up to 6 “Powder” Tokens.

Attack +1 for each Token lost that way.

Mage or Fire Guemelite: Attack +2.

General fray. The new text: Duration 2 turns. Defense +2. Your allies from “The Pack” have Attack +1. Duration: 3 turns.

If your opponent is not a Warrior, his next card is ignored.

Chain if your characters have less than 30 health points in all.

Eltarite Heritage. The new text: -1 to physical and magical damage suffered.

Elfine: the next opposing spell is ignored.

Hom’chai: -1 to magic damage suffered for each one of your Hom’chai (dead or alive).


Put-up job. The new text: Duration 2 to 3 turns.

Choose a character and attach this card to him. He is untapped and can no longer chain cards.

Priests have Defense +3 and gain Chain if they play a Destiny Theurgy.

Entropy. The new text: Mage: two Nehantic Spells from your Discard pile are played.

Necromancian: two Undead Actions in your Deck become Necrosis until the end of the game.

This card has one chance out of two of being removed from the game.

Tar and feathers. The new text: Choose a character, he gains 4 “Powder” Tokens.

If it is one of your characters, he heals 2 Health points. If not, he has Attack -1 and Spirit -1 until the end of the game.

Enjoy the game!

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