Special Christmas Quest with Real Gifts!

Here it is girllz!

It has arrived: The Christmas Quest!

Live a new adventure made of suspense and marvelous creatures!
Become the heroin of a fairy tale.

In other words: travel around an extraordinary world and the most incredible fairy tales and legends ever!

This story has only one ending. If you get there, you win an exclusive room that symbolizes perfectly the coming events: the “Christmas” room!

And, as it’s a celebration period, you get a bonus! We will randomly pick players who have finished the quest and they will receive real gifts such as an Ipod shuffle 5 2go, a hair straightener, styling, curling brush… 13 in 1 and plenty of other surprising prizes!

Click here to have a look at the complete list of prizes at stake.

What’s more the first 300 players (all the different language versions taken together) who finish the quest will get 150 fee’z. Quick girllz!

”I don’t remember much about my childhood… maybe it’s because I am an orphan since I was a tiny kind. I live in my father’s huge castle, with my aunt Lyla, a cold and powerful lady. These corridors who used to be filled with my laughs and cries are now as sinister and terrifying as prison corridors. Lyla is beautiful, her blue eyes chill you to the bone in now time… Yet… Everyone respects her and appreciates her.
Her wealth comes from my heritage that she uses at will… That doesn’t stop her from hating me more than anything else. Now that I’ve grown up a bit, I’m gonna try and know who she really is. What does she want? Why does she hate me that much?”

The more you progress in the quest, the harder its gets but the more exceptional the gifts become! You will have to answer enigmas to win bonus gifts!

You have until Friday December 28th at noon to take part in this quest!

Enjoy the game on OhMyDollz!

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