iTCG : The Rebel in store

Player who haven’t completed the trophy: The Rebel, can now access it from the Eredan iTCG store.

Cumulate 100 points.

At the end of the game, you earn 1 point for each of your characters who has dealt damages at least 3 times to the opposing character during a fight.
You earn 6 additional points if one of your characters has dealt physical, magic and direct damages during a fight.
You earn 10 points if you play Confrontation, The Untouchable or The Pack Spirit. (Each card will be taken into account once).

You must play against different players.

You will earn the card Civil war and the title: The Rebel.

Civil war: Action. Collector. Unique. Each opposing character suffers 3 physical damages or 1 direct damage. Mage or Priest: +2 to the magic damages dealt by this card. Warrior, Marauder of Berserker: +2 to the physical damages dealt by this card.

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