iTCG: Edrianne


Death …. Rare. Action. Warrior, Undead. Defense +5 and you suffer 3 direct damage points.

If this card is a Necrosis or if your next card is “…becomes us”, choose an Undead Action from your Hand, it is played.

This card becomes a Necrosis until the end of the game.

Nehantic sign. Rare. Nehantic Spell. Mage. Permanent. One copy per character.

Defense +2, Spirit +2 and -1 to damage points suffered. You become Nehantist instead of your other Guilds.

Karrie (1 in all). On level 1: Uncommon. Character. Nehantist. Warrior. Undead. Spirit 0. Attack 6/7. Defense 3. Health points 13. Cannot chain any card.

After having played your cards, if you have a living Necromancian, choose a Necrosis from your Discard pile, it is played.

Turns 2, 6 and 8: Attack +2 for each one of your Warriors.

Submerge. Uncommon. Action. Nehantists.Duration 3 turns. Choose a character and attach this card to him.

The holder has Attack +2 per Demoniac Servant Pet in play and your suffer 3 direct damage points.

Chain Spell.

Edrianne. (3 evolution, in all). On her last evolution: Common. Character. Nehantist. Mage. Human. Spirit 2. Attack 4/6. Defense 2. Health points 14. At the start of the fight, choose a character, for each Corruption he wears, 1 Nehantic Spell from your Discard pile is placed in your Deck (3 maximum).

Turns 4 and 6: Defense +2 and one of your allies heals 1 Health point.

Blackness . Common. Action. Nehantists. Permanent. This card is attached to your opponent and becomes a Demonic Servant Pet.

Each time a holder’s ally suffers damage points not dealt by “Blackness”, the holder suffers 1 to 2 direct damage points.

Chain Nehantist card.

… becomes us. Common. Action. Undead. Each one of your Undead Warriors heals between 1 and X Health points where X equals his Defense.

This card and two Undead Actions from your Deck become Necrosis until the end of the game.

Enjoy the game!

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