iTCG: the Night of the Witches

This year, Halloween is devoted to witches. Take up the gauntlet set up by witches and win exclusive cards!

You can take part in the event today and until November 5th 2012 at noon (French time).

Pumpkin it up!

Witches offer you to accomplish missions and will reward you with Pumpkins. You can get to the missions via the in-game background screen.

When you achieve a mission, you obtain 50 Pumpkins.
– You can accomplish only one mission at a time.
– When you achieve a mission, it is blocked until you have finished the 8 different missions, then they are all unblocked and you can start all over again if you want to.

Once you have won all the missions, you win the Candy card and the title of Sorcerer/ Witch.

Candy: Collector. Unique. Permanent. Choose a character and attach this card to him, he takes on the appearance of a sweet.

He suffers 3 direct damages and has Attack +2, Defense +2 and Spirit -2.


Clans can take part in a special trophy: “the Challenge of the Witches”. It is a unique trophy, that means only one clan will obtain it. To win it, we will add the number of missions achieved by members of each clan. The clan that will have achieve the highest number of missions will win the “Challenge of the Witches.

The Witch Masquerade

By connecting, you received 4 Halloween masks. These give you the opportunity to achieve the different missions of this event.
If you want more masks (Ghosts, Vampire, Pumpkin or Witch), you will find 2 of them in each 12 card booster. What’s more, you have a 1 in 10 chance of obtaining an “Amnezy Mask”.

What can I obtain during this event?

You can spend your Pumpkins in the Witch’s store to:

– Buy the White Witch card: Cost 500 Pumpkins.

– Buy the Black Witch card: Cost 650 Pumpkins.

– Buy the With Evil Intentions card. You can only buy this card once you have bought the White Witch or the Black Witch one. Cost 400 Pumpkins.

White Witch: Mythical. Character, Mercenary, Mage, Human, Female. Spirit 3. Attack 1/10. Defense 2. Health points 15. -3 to magic damages suffered.

+3 to magic damages dealt (non-AoE).

Turns 1, 3 and 6: Spirit +2.

Black Witch. Mythical. Character, Mercenary, Mage, Human, Female. Counts for 3 characters. Card banned from tournaments. Spirit 5. Attack 1/15. Defense 2. Health points 37. Spell immunity. Can play Spells without restrictions.

Turns 3 and more: cards from Discard piles are placed in their owner’s Deck.

With Evil Intentions. Mythical, Action. Unique. Permanent. The moment this card activates and at the start of each fight, your character takes on an emaciated or mangled appearance and the opposing character has Attack -1, Defense -1 and Spirit -1 until the end of the fight.

At the end of the fight your character gains 1 Health point and your opponent has -1 Health point.

Enjoy the game!

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