Information about the Amnezy tournament

Dear player,

We inform you that the next Amnezy Tournament (beginning on Sunday) will have some new rules :

– To participate you Deck must be composed of 3 characters and at least 25 cards.

– Special rule: At the start of the game, each character in play has his maximum limit of Health points increased by 3.

– Banned cards are : Deirf Geis (Evo 3), Ourenos (all evolutions), Scragh (all evolutions), Bluff, Put-up job, Dissidence, Tar and feathers, Illumination, Lamentation of Sol’ra, The secret of the Crow, Mercy, Lost scroll from Kan-del and Sacrilege.

We wish you good luck for the next week’s competition!

Eredan iTCG team.

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