iTCG: The Visitor in the store

Players who haven’t completed the trophy: the Visitor, can now access it in the Eredan iTCG store.

Cumulate 100 points.

At the end of each game:

you earn 1 points for each one of your characters that played more than 2 cards during a single fight.
You earn 6 additional points if none of your characters has played more than 3 cards during a single fight.
You earn 10 points if you play: Peace Treaty, Spirit Master or The mystery of Yakoushou (each card will be taken into account once).
You must play against different players.

You will earn the card A summer evening visit and the title: The Visitor.

A summer evening visit. Action. Collector. Unique. The characters in battle have Attack -2. Defense +1 per opposing character. Chain if you only have one character alive.

Enjoy the game!

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