iTCG: Tanaer of Arcania


Short crystal blade. Rare. One handed Sword. Noz’Dingard Envoys. Permanent. Dual Wield. Attack +2. Marauder: As this card activates, the next Items played by the opposing character are ignored. Witchblade: Chain Spell or “The dance of the blade”.

Remember!. Rare. Light Spell. Noz’Dingard Envoys, Mage. Duration: 2 turns. Your characters have Spirit +1 for each one of your dead characters and Defense +4 if you have at least one dead character. Witchblade: if you have less than 8 Health points, a from your Discard Pile is played.

Tornado. Rare. Air Spell (AoE). Mage. Each opposing character suffers 5 magical damages and has one chance in two to have one of his attached cards (unless the Spells) discarded.

Tanaer of Arcania (3 evolutions, in all). On its last evolution: Uncommon. Character. Noz’Dingard Envoys. Mage. Human. Compendium. Spirit 2. Attack 4/7. Defense 2. Health points 14. At the start of the turn, if your Spirit is lower than 3, Spirit = 3. If you play “The Art of Magic” or “Water wave”, a Noz Spell from your hand is played. Turns 3, 5 and 6: your Compendium have Defense +1 and Spirit +1.

Witchrage. Uncommon. Action. Marauder. A Spell or an Item attached to your opponent is discarded. He has Defense -2 if one of your characters has a Weapon attached to him. Witchblade: He has an additional Defense -1 and suffers 3 physical damages.

Noz Secret. Uncommon. Light Spell. Noz’Dingard Envoys, Mage. The opposing character has Spirit = 2 and Defense = 2. Witchblade: for each one of these characteristics that was above 2, Attack +2 or Defense +2. Chain “Witchrage”.

Witchblade training. Common. Action. Noz’Dingard Envoys. Permanent. Permanent. Choose a female Mage and attach her this card. She gains Witchblade and Warrior. At the start of the fight, you can choose an Item from your Hand, it is played. Chain.

Ketanir’s hand. Common. Draconic Spell. Mage. Dragon Guemelite: if your Spirit is lower than 3, Spirit = 3. The opposing character has Attack -X where X equals your Spirit.

Mak Dragoon Jr. Menu. Common. Item Food. Duration: 4 turns. As this card activates, heals 1 Health point and a Pet or an Item: Other from your Deck is played. If played after “Little job”, this card is attached to the opposing character. At the end of the fight, Attack -4 and Spirit -2.

Little job. Common. Action. Each character in battle has his Attack or his Defense or his Spirit that equals his printed one. Chain Food.

Enjoy the game!

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