iTCG: Second Grand Autumn Tournament!

The Grand Autumn Tournament

The news is spreading like wildfire. Amnezy and the Guild Council invites all the greatest fighters to come and compete in the Grand Autumn Tournament. Proudly wear the banner of your guild!.

This Grand tournament will close on Wednesday October 24th 2012, at noon (French Time).

Hold your banners with honor and show your true colors!

You will be able to proudly play your banners during battles! Those banners will have different effects depending on which Guild you play with.

The Autumn Banner. Collector, Banner Item. From the Evolution/Upgrade screen, can be upgraded immediately into one of the 8 Guild Tournament Banners. No effect.

This card allows you to earn a new guild banner
Caution : This card does not gain experience, It can be upgraded immediately through your collection => Evolution/upgrade. All that is left for you to do is to choose which element you would like to upgrade to.

The Autumn banner is available in boosters (2 Banner card in 12 card boosters, 1 Banner Piece in 4 card boosters).

The Tournament!

Head over to the Tournament room to take part in this event and enter it!
Register Fee: This Grand Autumn Tournament is free!
Restrictions for this tournament are : No Golems, No Mercenaries, and Courtesansn, and no Ourenos.


Individual ranking:

1st: The winner of the Grand Tournament gets an artbook signed by the whole Eredan iTCG team.

2nd to 17th place: 4 NewComers boosters.

18th to 50th place: 1 Basic booster.

What’s more, players in the top third will receive 5000 Crystals.

Clan Ranking:

The top rank clan for this tournament will receive 15.000 clan Crystals and the unique “Autumn Champions” trophy.
The 5 top clans will receive 10.000 clan Crystals.

Trophies and Prizes

3 Tournament trophies.

While participating in the Autumn Tournament, you will get the opportunity to win 3 trophies. Each trophy will give you a guild banner.
Once you have all of them, you can win the card “On Equal Terms”.

Fame of the Winners. Action, Collector, Unique. All the characters in the same Guild as your character gain Spirit +1, Attack +1 and Defense +1. Permanent.

8 “Banners” trophies

Play your guild banner to earn 8 trophies. To earn each trophy you will need to play a banner card 15 times from one the 8 guilds.
Once you have all of them, you will win the card “On Equal Terms.

On Equal Terms. Action, Collector, Unique. Creates a copy of each card played by the opposing character; the duration of this copy must not exceed 1 Turn. These copies are played immediately following your cards played this turn without any restriction of Guild, Class, Race or Caste..

NB : This event does not replace the usual event that will take place tomorrow.

Good luck!

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