iTCG : Cervus


Foliage blades. Rare. Nature Spell, Mage. Your opponent suffers 4 magic damages.

Mage: X additional magic damages where X equals your Spirit.

World-Tree: Heals 4 Health points.

Spiritual Guide. Rare. Action. Sap Heart. Duration 4 turns.

Your Warriors have Attack +2 and your Mages have Spirit +1 and Defense +1.

Dais: The opposing characters have Spirit -2.

Cervus (3 evolutions, in all). On its last evolution: Uncommon. Character. Sap heart. Warrior. Dais, Nature Guemelite. World-Tree. Spirit 2. Attack 7/9. Defense 3. Health points 15. Gain Chain if you play a Sap Heart Weapon.

At the start of the game, an “Invisibility” is created and attached to each one of your World-Trees.

Your Nature Guemelites have Attack +1.

Turns 2, 4 and 5: Defense +2.

Blade purity. Uncommon. Action. Warrior. Your Attack penalties are canceled.

If your Attack equals your Printed Attack, Attack +2.


Appeasement. Uncommon. Nature Spell. Sap Heart, Mage. Your opponent has Attack -3.

A “Whisper”, a “Friend of spirits” or a “Reforestation” from your Deck is played if it contains more than 3 of these cards.

Our forest. Uncommon. Action. Nature Spell. Sap Heart, Mage. Duration 2 to 3 turns. Attack +X where X equals your Defense (+4 maximum).

Mage: an additional Attack +1 per “Reforestation” in play and Defense +2.

Tree-World: the opposing characterss have +1 to damages suffered.

Friend of Spirits. Common. Action. Sap Heart. Duration 2 fights. Attack +2 for each “Whisper” in play (+4 max.) and Spirit +2.

The duration of the “Whisper” and “Reforestation” cards in play is increased by 2 turns.

Anger of the Dais. Common. Action. Sap Heart, Dais. Choose an opposing character, he is tapped, if you are a Mage, he has Spirit -1 until the end of the game and if you are a Warrior, he has Defense -1 until the end of the game.

World-tree: Chain.

Wild camping. Common. Nature Spell. Mage. Duration 3 turns. Mage: this card becomes Permanent.

Choose a tapped character and attach this card to him.

At the end of the turn, if the holder is tapped, he has Spirit -1 and suffers 2 magic damages.

Reforestation. Common. nature Spell. Sap heart, Mage. Duration 3 turns.

Each time another Nature Spell is activated, one of your World-Trees has Defense +1 and one of your World-Trees heals 1 Health point.

Chain Nature Spell.

Enjoy the game!

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