Hello everyone! Here is our new weekly patchnote in which we list all the changes and modifications that have been set up last week.

ubModifications and additions: /b/u
– list of wishes and favorites added to the player file
– trophy score displayed in the player file
– link towards other players’ trophies via player file added
– dynamic display of the diary in the player file plus button to access the diary added (instead of strip)

Traits are now categorized by colors. You will find these colors:
– in the trait file and the set
– as philters in the store and the inventory
– as rules in the beauty contest

The trait and set files have new buttons
– add to the basket
– add to the wish list
– buy directly

– “shortcut” icons of some modules have been updated
– player’s trophies added to the friend list
– disqualification of participants who cheat at the contests
– correction of the bug concerning the inventory trait when added to the store pony

ubTrait modification: /b/u

The Zeuz pack is complete again.

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