Quest: His name is Zach…

Hi girls!!!

This week, become a writer victim of the white page syndrome! This quest towards inspiration will lead you to countries like India, or the Far West but also far away, unknown lands…

I am quite a successful writer. I mean, I was, before I fell short of inspiration… It’s been months since I haven’t wrote something worth of it. A few weeks ago, I started ignoring my editor’s desires and I begun writing about the man of my dreams. I hope that will help me get motivated… I’m stuck in front of my white piece of paper, once more when, the phone rings. It’s my editor, in a bad mood again. He tells me he is waiting for my work. He wants something sensational, a science fiction story. He wants adventures and dragons! But that’s not what inspires me these days. He starts getting cross and sort of shouting at me. That’s when I hear a strange noise in the kitchen…

As you go along, it becomes more and more difficult, but the gifts get better and better!

At the last stage of the quest, your Doll will have to choose between two destinations but also two endings for her novel:

– She ends her story in an imaginary land and wins the writer job that makes her earn 7!!! a day.

– She chooses to never end her novel and goes on traveling through space and time with Zach. She then wins an evolutive unicorn (who grows up little by little) plus a character from the novel: Zach.

For those who wish, you can play the second choice for 150 fee’z!

The “His name is Zach” quest will be available until October 15th at noon (French time).

Good week on OhMyDollz!

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