iTCG: The Dungeon

The Dungeon

From now on and until Thursday October 4th at 9:00 AM (French time), a new trophy is available.

You can take part in this trophy during that precise lapse of time, after that it will not be available anymore. You can also buy this trophy for 199 fee’z and acquire the title and the card associated with it.

Cumulate 100 points.
You earn 1 Point at the end of each fight for each one of your characters who has dealt more damages than all the opposing characters.
You earn 6 additional points if each one of Warriors and Marauders has played at least one Weapon and one Armor, if each one of your Priests and Mages has played at least one Item of clothing and one Magic Book\Scroll and if each one of your Craftsmen, Berserkers and Unknown class characters have played at least 3 Items.

You earn 10 additional points if you play: The Precious, Opening or Quest of the Thunder King. (Each card will be taken into account once). You must play against different players.

You will earn the card The Dungeon and the title: The Explorer.

Le Dungeon: Action. Collector. Unique. Permanent. Choose one of your other characters and attach this card to him. He is tapped.

At the start of the fight, Attack +1 if you have an Item attached to you.

Chain if your character has only one class.

Enjoy the game!

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