iTCG: The Devoured

The Devoured

From now on and until Thursday September 6th at 9:00 AM (French time), a new trophy is available.

You can take part in this trophy during that precise lapse of time, after that it will not be available anymore. You can also buy this trophy for 199 fee’z and acquire the title and the card associated with it.

Cumulate 100 points.

At the end of each game:

you earn 1 point for each opposing character that has had at least two items that belonged to you at the start of a fight, attached to him.

You earn 6 additional points if you have played at least 7 different type of item during the game (weapon and armor are considered as being of the same type).

You will earn the card The Guttled and the title: The Devoured.

The Guttled. Action. collector. Unique. Permanent. This card is attached to the opposing character.

At the start of the turn, this character has Attack -1 or Defense -1 or Spirit -1 until the end of the game and this card is attached to one of your characters that has the highest number of Health points.

Please note: exceptionally, we have inverted the order of the events: the weekly trophy takes place today while the event planned for today will be launched on Thursday.

Enjoy the game!

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