iTCG: Cheating in the Tournaments

Dear Eredan iTCG players,

We know that in tournaments, several players behave in a manner that some consider as cheating. We are here referring to players or group of players who play together as a team in order to make one of theirs progress to the detriment of others, and who sometimes avoid playing against other players who would then progress or slow down their own progression.

We have already stated that the Eredan iTCG tournaments must be played alone, and we want everyone to be aware that this kind of behavior isn’t accepted. The players who take part in tournaments must aim at obtaining the best score for themselves without trying to facilitate the progression of other players, even their friends’. Any other behavior isn’t tolerated and can be penalized.

For all these reasons, we went through all the results of the Amnezy tournaments since July 29th and have decide to penalize the accounts that appear to be more than dubious. What’s more, we have also analyzed older tournaments and penalized some accounts in extreme cases.

Players concerned will be informed individually, and we will not accept any personnel and public designation. We know the issue is important for some therefore we ask you for restraint.
And, we believe that, given the circumstances, the Amnezy tournament prizes of the 4 last week should be reexamined. Players whose ranking and rewards have been lessened because of the behavior of a few others will receive a message and be credited additional rewards.

Now, Eredan iTCG being a community game, we do understand some want to play as a team in order to get collective results which they could not obtain individually. And we want to promote a team game.

The clan module when it will be launched, will give rise to options for players to play together, obtain collective results and challenge other clans.

Enjoy the game!

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