iTCG: The Flesh-Slicer in store

The Flesh-Slicer

Players who haven’t completed the trophy: the Flesh-Slicer, can now access it in the Eredan iTCG store.

To obtain it you will have to cumulate 400 points.

You earn 1 point each time you deal physical damages.
You earn 30 points if you play: “Offensive”, “Artrezil’s heritage” and “Neither dead nor alive” (Each card will be taken into account once).
You must play each game against a different player to keep on earning points.

You will earn the card 28 Zombies later and the title: The Flesh-Slicer.

28 zombies later: Action. Collector. Unique. Attack +2. If your other characters are dead, an opposing character out of combat suffers 5 direct damages. .

Enjoy the game!

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